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Hi! I'm Fernanda, an animation director, illustrator and comic artist based in Santiago, Chile! I'm the director of "Here's the Plan" an 18-minute CG animated short film about Kat & Doug, a cat-dog couple that loves baking and loves each other. If you haven't seen the film yet, you can watch it here!

For two years, I directed a talented team of 32 professionals, to be able to tell this story, and after finishing it on December 2016, it was selected in various international film festivals. When I finally got time, I decided I would design awesome products of the film, that weren't just CG renders straight from the film stuck on shirt. So it took a while, but I hope you enjoy the artwork I designed for this line of products!


All orders will be shipped from Santiago, Chile. They'll be shipped through Certified International Mail (12-15 business days) and you'll receive a tracking number once your package is delivered. If your package is possibly lost, please contact your local postal office with the tracking number provided with your shipped order. The shop is not liable for any lost packages delivered by Correos de Chile, and cannot offer replacements or refunds.

If you have any questions please contact me to or TicTail chat!

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